Nomi Ansari Signature

Each Nomi Ansari signature piece created bears the finesse and finish of a masterpiece. The attention to detail, the color-contrasting and the delicate zardozi and crystal embellishment remains a trademark that is never compromised.

What makes the brand unique?

Other than the apparent strength of color, Nomi Ansari originals are created with the purest of high-quality chiffons, silks and brocades that have been woven with colors and patterns exclusive to the design house.

Nomi Ansari Studio

Quality assurance is guaranteed as only high-end materials are used in creating the opulent jeweled necklines, the Swarovski encrusted motifs and the over-all regal aura of every outfit. The Nomi Ansari Studio has been catering to a high profile, celebrity clientele for over a decade.