Annus Abrar is a Karachi based design studio. Curated by Annus Abrar as a designer, who hails from the same city. The designs help you define the festive side. You and continue to reflect your edginess and individuality. Even when you are surrounded by the noise of panache.

Structure and Nature, Line and Form, Control and Abandon. The pull between these opposing notions is at the core of “Annus Abrar” as a brand. The name Annus Abrar is bursting with oomph, promising to broaden and deepen your involvement with contemporary ways of luxury.

Luxury Pret Assortment

The assortments are beautiful, almost tactile, with all design narrating a story of movement, change, and growth in the background of pure luxe fabrics. Like raw silk, organza, and tissue. Out of the shadows come bursts of light and pops of color. Intricate floral embroidery with silk and anchor embellished with Swarovski, pearls, and rhinestones.

Festive Assortment

Annus Abrar festive collections feature a contemporary color palette. The latest versions and placement of floral motifs, mixed with the silhouettes and volumes. That feel so free yet they are calibrated to seduce. Elemental and textural contrasts are set wonderfully by Annus to offer the finished look of the ensemble that may bring his patrons in the limelight that they deserve in their festivities.

Bridal Collections

The designer has dreamed these bridals, visualizing how the fabric will move gracefully while his clients move, how every single crystal will sparkle as the sun sets, how a perfectly-placed adorned neckline will frame the shining face of the regal bride, and how the feeling of creating her timeline will last.

Annus Abrar

Annus Abrar bridals are a sprinkling of dramatic intensity, capable of evoking a story of time travel….in a royal carriage.

Acquiring a degree in fashion and design from a reputed institution, Annus has polished his skills on how to collaborate between a creative carefree spirit and a sense of grandiose to infuse a conversation between his shoppers and his style collections.

Remarkable featurettes of the huge scene of Annus Abrar’s ability are customized prints, elegant concepts, and delicate luxe fabrics, glamorous lashings of handwork and Annus’s iconic styled cuts and detailing.