offers refund to customers if a product is faulty or not as described by the vendor.

Refund of Product purchased

Satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. We offer full and partial refunds based upon the following terms and conditions.

  • Refund service is voided if a product is broken, torn or damaged – in any way, shape or form – by the customer.
  • A partial/half refund is provided if reason for the return is just a change of mind i.e. you do not want it anymore.
  • Shipping costs will be borne by customer during the products return, after the product is received and checked for authenticity of return the customer will be reimbursed.

Products purchased after viewing videos and thoroughly watching open pictures (showcased on web or whatsapp or any other medium)- before placing order – are not entitled to refunding or exchange.

  • the order cannot be cancelled after 2 days of receiving payments.
  • A product has to be returned in 2 days after delivery to be considered for a refund.

Exchange Policy

Products can be exchanged in 2 days after the delivery of merchandise. It is relevant to state only those products will be exchanged which will be sent back in the same state, we sent to the customer. Damaged goods will not be applicable for exchange.

Those Products that were bought after watching videos are not at liberty to be replaced or returned. Products whose size was not shared prior to order shall not be exchanged. thus, Daman, length and other details should be provided  in advance while placing your order. Otherwise, the product will not be exchanged.

In case a product is wrongly shipped due to error  by our staff, it has to be returned in 7 days for exchange otherwise return shall not be initiated.

It is vital that when you buy, you should ask for the length of the Daman and dress to avoid facing a problem.

How much time we take to refund

We generally refund our customers in 7 business days after getting the product.

Faulty Products

If a product is discovered to be torn, incomplete or faulty in any other way then customer will be refunded

Shipping for Exchange:

Customers will have to pay shipping cost for exchange; company will not be responsible to pay shipping charges at any stage of the transaction.

Stitched Dresses

Stitched dresses are not entitled for refund. The company does not offer stitching services as a norm. Stitching is only for those who request for stitching. And if predicament occurs in fitting or stitching, business shall not be accountable. Therefore, stitched dresses are not entitled to any kind of refund or exchange.

Refund Contact:

We have a separate team that is working with refund process. Kindly email us if you wish to apply for refund at refund@